Energy consumption is a huge expense to our environment, and to our wallets as well as a strain on the infrastructure of our society. In The Town of East Hampton’s continuing efforts to reduce its own energy consumption, the Clean Energy Task Force has embarked on a new campaign called PowerDown/SolarUp that officially kicks off May 14 and goes until November 30.. The goals of PowerDown/SolarUp are to, improve the energy usage and energy independence of East Hampton’s residents. By joining forces with CT Solar Challenge and EnergizeCT the Task Force has chosen a handful of vendors who specialize in clean energy solutions such as solar, or energy efficiency measures such as Connecticut’s Home Energy Solutions and Home Performance With Energy Star programs. The vendors offer competitive prices and educate home owners on how they can achieve home upgrades that improve their respective energy situations.

Aegis Solar Energy will be providing solar services and installations – and for every person who goes solar will contribute funds matching the CT Green Bank’s contributions toward installing solar on municipal buildings.

New England Conservation Services NECS and Victory Energy Solutions VES will be performing the utilities’ Home Energy Solutions (HES), Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES) for those who have already had HES as well as installing insulation. For every HES or HPwES completed job they will be contributing $25 toward the East Hampton Food and Fuel Bank, and for every insulation installation the NECS and VES will be returning a portion back to the customer based on how many other East Hampton residents participate.



  • Energy Assessments
  • Solar 
  • Insulation
  • HERS Ratings
  • HPwES

Programs to save

Would you like to generate your own power with the sun?

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CT Solar challenge

-Mary of East Hampton

"I was surprised at how a few small changes could make such a big difference to my energy bills. The audit alone was well worth the cost, and I now have a list of improvements that will continue to help me reduce my energy costs."

We identify energy inefficiencies and fix as many as we can! We also give you an idea of any upgrades that qualify for rebates.

Insulation in the best saver in heating and cooling. Insulation will make sure you don't lose your heating and cooling through your walls and roof! 

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